Can I lose weight with diet alone or do I have to exercise?

The Hard Way To Lose Weight

According to the Smart for Life® philosophy, the best way to lose weight andlose weight reach your weight loss goal is by eating fewer calories.  After you lose the weight, you should begin your exercise program.  This method is well-founded in science and can be easily explained with the following examples:

Let’s say two people have the same 50 lbs to lose.  One goes to the gym for an hour every day.  She burns, on average, 500 calories.  In a week that adds up to 3500 calories which equals approximately one pound.  At this rate, if she actually sticks to her daily routine, it will take her 50 weeks to reach her goal weight.

Problem:  Most people don’t exercise this much and that amount of exercise will trigger greater hunger.  She may end up eating more calories than she burned making it difficult to lose weight.

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Conversely, the second person begins the Smart for Life® program which immediately creates a 1300 calorie deficit in her body.  In a week, that’s approximately 2.5 lbs. of fat.  She will lose her 50 lbs. within 25 weeks.  On week 25 she begins her exercise program and by week 35 she is trim and fit.

Studies have shown that this type of plan has a much higher success rate. Challenge yourself!

So, follow the Smart for Life® philosophy to increase your chances of success in 2014.  Get started on the program and give yourself the best gift of the season…a beautiful, healthy, trim silhouette.  You’ll look and feel younger than you have in years.  Come to see us in one of our Centers, or visit us online at: Weight Loss Boca Raton

To your health,

Dr. Sass

Medical Director, Smart for Life® Weight Management Centers

P.S.  Remember:  get to your goal and lose weight by eating fewer calories; then begin your exercise program to firm and tone.

Can diet be an essential therapeutic strategy for cancer patients?

Learning From Nutrition and Diet Experts

Medscape recently spoke with two renowned diet, nutrition and food experts on the subject of nutrition and its effects on cancer patients.  Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD, is a dietician; author; speaker; and internationally recognized expert in chronic disease prevention, health, and cancer.  She commented on the Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS). “This is an important study because women with estrogen-receptor negative cancer have fewer treatment options.  The low-fat diet had a profound effect on recurrence in this group.”  Evidence is mounting toward the belief that diet can, in fact, prevent cancer and its recurrence involving breast cancer patients who were on curative therapy.


A Plant Based Diet and Exercise

Additionally, in the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) study, an intense plant-based diet high in fruits and vegetables did not appear to improve survival, but when combined with a regular schedule of moderate exercise, it did reduce recurrence.  Dixon added that women with breast cancer often have a difficult time shedding excess weight, so even if you don’t buy into the effect your diet may have on the disease; it’s still a much healthier choice.  She points out that having cancer does not serve as a deterrent to other maladies such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and other chronic diseases, so choosing a healthy diet is always the better path.

The second individual who spoke with Medscape on this subject is Rebecca Katz, MS, who is a chef, nutritionist, national speaker, and award-winning author.  Her books include: One Bite at a Time, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and The Longevity Kitchen.  In her book, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, Katz discusses foods that a patient and their family can prepare to help them surpass that feeling of helplessness.  She believes that too much emphasis is placed on what shouldn’t be done and chooses to shift that to a more positive message; sharing what is good to do through her healthy recipes.  In The Cancer-fighting Kitchen, Katz dedicates an entire chapter to an A-to-Z resource that details the evidence-based cancer-fighting properties of foods, herbs, and spices.  These are, of course, the foundation of the book’s recipes. The more these compounds are utilized and combined; the greater the chances of realizing their benefits.

Foods have many cancer-fighting properties, including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and pro-immune system effects.  Along with regular exercise, maintaining a healthy attitude, and avoiding illness and infection, research indicates that diet does influence cancer progression, risk of recurrence, and survival.

Eating a Healthy Diet Assists You In Preventing and/or Healing From Cancer

So, whether you’re healthy and want to do all you can to continue on that path or you’re currently in the process of releasing cancer from your system (or that of a loved one) the evidence is quite compelling to lead you toward these healthier lifestyle choices.  The foods you put into your body are a major factor.  How could they not be?  You wouldn’t put a low octane gasoline in your Ferrari and expect it to run at its peak performance level for long.  Food is fuel.  It really matters.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest New Year, -Dr. Sass

Just because it’s a diet, does that mean it’s good for YOU?

Congratulations!  You’ve taken a big step deciding you want to lose weight.  The next step is how you are going to do that.  You’ve looked at different diet programs and have narrowed it down.  But are you sure you know all there is to know about that diet you’re considering?  Is it the right one for YOU and your specific health needs?  If you do not know, you are not alone.

There is not enough information provided by popular diets letting consumers know what the health effects of their particular diet are.  It has become a growing public health concern.  Consumers often make decisions without answers to basic questions.  They are left without information on the benefits, health risks and effectiveness of these popular diets.

You may find information online posted by others but how much can you trust this information when it comes to your health?  You need actual established research that you can trust.

Our website ( provides a diet comparison which provides details on the following specifics for 10 different diets:  physician supervised/available, physical exam, EKG, lab work, metabolic evaluation/treatment, weekly weigh-in, preservatives, vitamins, supplements, organic and natural ingredients and several other categories.

The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet Medical Program is the only program where you are supervised by a physician.  This is the best way to address the health effects of any diet.  Your questions are immediately answered by a healthcare professional.  There is no guesswork or wondering involved.

It pays to do your homework and get educated about any diet program.  Now that you’ve gotten “smart”, get Smart for Life®!

Dr. Sass
Sasson Moulavi, M.D., LMCC, ABBM
Medical Director
Smart For Life Cookie Diet

Smart for Life Cookie Diet and its partner companies go beyond the norm and make it extremely quick and healthy to lose those unwanted pounds.

The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet is so much more than a weight loss company.  We are committed to helping our clients not only lose weight but also to get healthy.  As a bariatric physician, I founded Smart for Life Cookie Diet based of my realizations of how food affects our health and I use the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Guidelines.  The ASBP is a 50-year old organization which teaches physicians the fundamentals of weight loss.

As an emergency room doctor, I saw too many heart attacks in 30 and 40-year olds.  I knew I had to do something and I did.  I created a comprehensive weight management approach to health and wellness.  How?  By using natural, hunger-controlling diet foods.  Smart for Life® Cookie Diet is quick, safe, easy and affordable!

I knew our products had to be free of chemicals, such as pesticides and preservatives.  We use triple-filtered water and pesticide-free organic food ingredients without toxins and preservatives.  Our products are 60% organic and all natural.  Using natural ingredients has many health benefits such as reducing cholesterol, increasing bone health, improving intestinal health and maintaining cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels that are already in the normal range.  Our foods combine a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and other nutrients that leave you satisfied, control your hunger naturally and provide the opportunity to reach your weight loss goals once and for all.

Not only am I concerned about what goes into Smart for Life® cookies but I also care about their manufacture.  The American Institute of Baking has developed the Gold Standard or Baker’s Quality Seal to assure customers that the facility manufacturing this product has met the highest and most rigorous standards of cleanliness, food safety, ingredient quality and manufacturing integrity.   It shows proficiency in controlling and continuously improving the quality and safety programs used in the manufacturing of products, such as our Smart for Life® diet cookies.  To earn this seal, a company and every person working there has made a total commitment to product quality and safety, a commitment such as the one that Smart for Life® Cookie Diet has made to you.

Smart for Life® diet cookies are great for people on-the-go.  These delicious, all-natural, diet cookies are made with perfectly balanced fruits, proteins, fiber and vegetables for a meal you can carry anywhere.  No cooking or planning necessary!

But Smart for Life Cookie Diet is more than just the cookie diet.  We offer a wide array of great tasting foods that are made with the same Smart for Life® benefits and high quality you find in our cookies.  We offer a 14 day variety kit that contains 5 packs of chocolate Smart cookies, 4 packs of oatmeal raisin Smart cookies, 2 packs of blueberry Smart cookies, 1 Ready-to-Go chocolate shake, 2 Ready-to-Go vanilla shakes, 1 chocolate shake pouch, 1 vanilla shake pouch, 3 chicken soup pouches, 1 beef soup pouch, 1 ZilchTM French vanilla coffee creamer, 1 Randy’s Smart carnival mustard, 1 chocolate pudding pouch, 1 vanilla pudding pouch, 2 packs of orange-cranberry muffins and 1 pouch of each Smart for Life® dressing/marinade – Janis’ Moon Lite Marinade, Caribbean Splash, Chinese Chicken Salad and Lemon-Garlic.  And they all can be delivered to your door for free!

You can also order these items separately and make your own “variety” kit.  For a delicious cup of coffee or tea, fat and calorie-free, stir in one tablespoon of Zilch, the Smart coffee creamer. A cup of coffee with cream has 40 calories. At two cups a day, you’re looking at 28,000 calories per year or, worse yet, an extra eight pounds!  Cream and milk have lactose which is milk sugar.  This will increase your hunger and insulin and slow your weight loss.  Finally!  Great tasting creamers with zilch, zero, absolutely no calories!  And why not have some Smart Crunch with your coffee.  Smart Crunch is the easy take-along that you can pop in your mouth when you’re on the go.  It contains SASSON Technology™ (Smart Appetite Suppressing Sustained Organic Nutrition) and HeroFiber™ which suppresses your appetite.  Just one gram of HeroFiber™ contains the benefits found in nine grams of ordinary fiber.  There are so many ways to create healthy and tasty choices with Smart for Life® Cookie Diet products.

Smart for Life® Cookie Diet also has a way to introduce kids to healthy, tasty, quick and easy choices instead of fast food and poor nutrition.  Many fast foods are made with unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives, pesticides and toxins, not to mention sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  ThinAdventure™ foods are made with natural and organic ingredients.  ThinAdventure™ foods are healthy snacks or meal replacements that the whole family can enjoy.  ThinAdventure™ is very kid-friendly because it also includes a variety of choices including cupcakes, cookies, shakes and hot cocoa.  To motivate kids on their journey, ThinAdventure™ has created an interactive children’s website packed with information, nutrition related games, recipes and more.  It teaches children about such topics as exercise, protein portions and what they should be eating to maintain their weight and proper health.

In addition to the Smart for Life® Cookie Diet and ThinAdventure™ healthy meal plans, you can now enjoy underWAY™, the first true appetite suppressant supplement drink.  It is available in four nutritious and delicious flavors – Acai Pomegranate, Grape, Green Tea and Orange.  underWAY™ not only suppresses your appetite naturally and quenches your thirst but it is filled with HeroFiber™.  HeroFiber™ is the same ingredient used in many of Smart for Life®’s other diet products.  One bottle of underWAY™ delivers the equivalent of 9 grams of fiber in only 20 calories.  It contains no preservatives, no sodium and no caffeine.  underWAY is another line of attack in the Smart for Life® Cookie Diet arsenal in the war against fat. (DR. SASS BLOG)

It may be hard to distinguish who is an ally and who is an enemy in the war against fat.  With so many weight loss companies in the market, it is difficult to figure out who’s who.  The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet website ( gives detailed comparisons between itself and other programs such as Atkins, Medifast, South Beach Diet. Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet, Physicians Weight Loss, Zone Diet, Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Optifast, Quick Loss Weight Center, Matrix Diet, Blood Type Diet and diet bar programs.  The website provides detailed information such as  Smart for Life® Cookie Diet is the only plan that gives you a physical exam with an EKG (electrocardiogram) and blood work.  Smart for Life® Cookie Diet also is the only plan to give you a metabolic evaluation, with treatment if necessary.  Smart for Life® Cookie Diet also is the only one who includes a product philosophy for all vitamins and supplements, uses organic and natural ingredients and uses triple filtered water.

Smart for Life. ® Eat Cookies.  Lose Weight.  It’s That Simple. ®

Parents had better get a back bone if they want healthy kids!

Parents had better get a back bone if they want healthy kids!

Parents have become wimps ruled by their kids when it comes to food choices.  Recently in my office, I saw an overweight 12-year-old girl whose concerned parents brought her in because she was 30 pounds overweight and complaining of fatigue. What amazed me most was that during the educational process, this child turned to her parents and basically told them that she will decide what to eat and what to buy, and they can’t do anything about it.  Then she left the center and her parents could not get her back in.

Of course, this is an extreme example, but I have seen it too many times.  Parents come in with good intentions and their kids overpowering them with aggressive, degrading speech.  More often than not, the parents just sit there without any significant or meaningful response. I also see it in the shopping carts of parents when buying high fat, high sugar foods to please their kids.  They are simply unable to say ‘No’ to their kids when it comes to these poor choices.

It seems as if everyone is working against the parents: The huge food companies are brainwashing them and their children.  Parents are afraid of controlling their children because they do not want to be called an ‘abuser’.  This fear has been perpetuated by the media who focus on those rare cases where good parents are accused by a state agency.

Parents must get over this and learn to say ‘No’ to poor quality food.  If you have to put it back on the shelf or leave it at the checkout counter, be strong, don’t bring it home.  Remember, if it gets into your home, it will get into your kids.

Another observation, I have watched parents at popular coffee shops be manipulated by 9-year-old children who insist on having a 1000 calorie drink, full of fat and empty calories, and double the price of healthy alternatives.

Enough already!  Just say ‘No’ – the sooner you start the better.  Yes, there will be a tough week or two but stick to your guns and remain firm.  Your kids will thank you when they are older.  I have seen too many overweight, depressed teenagers.  Trust me, the pain from being overweight and depressed at 17 is much greater than not having a sugary drink for a week at the age of 9.

Here are some games/quizzes to share with your kids to start the conversation and introduce new “rules” to the family.   Of course, on-going parenting will continually be necessary from teaching kids about good nutrition and choices to be made.

  • Explain the food groups for adequate growth and ask where their favorite foods fall.
  • Show the kids the nutrition panels of foods to compare calories, fat, sugars, sodium – that alone may prompt them to make a healthier choice.  Arm them with the information and then they will be able to be in control.  Rarely will a kid seriously choose something unhealthy when given the information.  If they do…put your foot down and tell them that you will not allow it.
  • Allow occasional splurges but let the kids earn them and have them keep track of how many per day.  Just cutting back on 1-2 per day will be a start in the right direction.
  • For smaller children, be the family’s “Healthy Hero” and challenge them to pick nutritious choices in a fun, light manner.

Keep an eye out for a FREE educational video I am creating especially for parents that will be on  I think it will help some parents improve their parenting skills and stand up to their kids.

Be strong, it’s good to say ‘No’ to your kids when they make poor choices.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Sass
Sasson Moulavi, M.D., LMCC, ABBM
Medical Director
Smart For Life Cookie Diet
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Shelf Stable Food? Not So Stable.

Many people do not realize the dangers of shelf stable foods.  A shelf stable food is one normally stored in the refrigerator which has been altered so that it can be stored at room temperature for a long shelf life.

Shelf stable food contains bacteria which do not eat the food.  If bacteria is not eating it, why are you?  Many weight loss companies use shelf stable food as part of their program.  It is easily shipped unrefrigerated, reduces costs and increases profits.  The consumers get all the risks and very few benefits.

The risks arise from the various food preservation techniques used to extend a food’s shelf  life.  Decreasing the amount of water, increasing its acidity, or irradiating/sterilizing the food and then sealing in an air-tight container, can all extend a food’s shelf life.  Additives such as sodium phosphate are used to make food last a very long time unrefrigerated.  Many countries have banned some of the preservatives to produce shelf stable foods that are still allowed in the United States.

Another reason to increase shelf life revolves around common oils and fats that would become rancid quickly if not refrigerated.  Food manufacturers replaced these oils and fats with trans fats in order to delay the onset of rancidity thus increasing shelf life.  Would you eat an unrefrigerated chicken and pasta dish that is over a year old? Yet many weight loss companies want customers to do just that.

Consumers should avoid shelf stable food altogether.  If you think it should be refrigerated or frozen, you are probably right.  Instead use as much fresh, and preferably organic based foods.  Frozen entrees are usually not a problem but the label should be checked to be sure.  I recommend fresh chicken, fish and seafood and frozen is good as well, especially if it is organic.

It pays to be educated about the food you eat and your eating lifestyle.  Once you know what goes into the foods you eat, you can better build your body to be as healthy as possible.

Dr. Sass
Sasson Moulavi, M.D., LMCC, ABBM
Medical Director
Smart For Life Cookie Diet
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Smart For Life, Eat Cookies, Lose Weight. It’s That Simple.

Smart For Life™ Is The Gold Standard To Lose Weight

Smart for Life™ has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight by losing millions of pounds for better health, appearance and happiness.

lose weight

All you need delivered right to your door. Perfectly balanced fruit, protein, fiber and vegetables in a delicious diet cookie that is really a meal you can carry anywhere. No preparation, no points or preservatives, no hunger, no cravings, no GMO’s or Trans-fats. Includes Smart For Life™ Guide and Dinner planner. 60% Organic at about $7.70 per day (4 week program with one week free). Limited time offer. We don’t just send you the product. We have centers near you to help you reach your dream weight. Free consultation & Free BMI included. Smart For Life™ works because it’s a lifestyle change and not just a cookie diet. 4 weeks is the ideal time to see how powerful this program is in losing weight and changing your habits automatically. Smart for Life™ diet cookies have helped thousands of people shed millions of pounds. Order now and start losing up to 15 pounds a month. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Free Shipping and one free week (Free shipping not available in Canada).

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Smart For Life™ Offers The Premier Doctor Supervised Program to Lose Weight

With our Medical program, the dedicated physicians and staff in each center will guide you through our life-transforming experience quickly, safely, easily and inexpensively – all without hunger. You receive one-on-one physician support throughout your weight loss program, utilizing our proven and highly successful, natural, hunger-controlling foods. These include the Smart diet cookie squares, muffins, soups, shakes and desserts. We are not just a do-it-yourself diet with a gimmick, but rather, a national chain of serious, professional, medically supervised Smart For Life™ Weight Management Centers.

With over 40 Clinics in North America, each with a physician dedicated to weight loss. Long term issues that stopped you from losing weight in the past will be solved. Smart for Life™ doctors have special training in helping people with metabolic or weight loss standstill. The Smart for Life™ program uses the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) Guidelines. The ASBP is a 50-year old organization teaching physicians the fundamentals of weight loss.

Smart for Life™ is focused on bringing its successful Smart For Life™ Weight Management Centers to more and more people in the coming years around the globe to help them lose weight.